AC Wallmanager

Wallmanager is an application that allows you to change your desktop background periodically, choosing from several available categories.
Change your wallpaper regularly

Set the time between each change of wallpaper

Choose the categories you like

Select from more than 35 available categories

Indicate if you like each wallpaper

You can indicate if you do not like a wallpaper to change it immediately, or indicate that you like it so it's chosen again periodically

Start with Windows

>Make the application start with Windows so that you are always changing your wallpapers

Create lists

You can create your own lists with the wallpapers that you like more

Use lists

You can choose what to use as source of wallpapers, the categories or your lists


You can apply filters to the downloaded wallpapers

Change notifications

You can choose that every time you change a background you see a notification that allows you to decide whether or not you like the wallpaper

Multiple providers

The wallpapers come from different pages. This gives a great variety and quantity of images.

Totally free

Enjoy all wallpapers absolutely free!

Great customization

Select the location where the wallpapers are downloaded, the way they are selected and many more.

Great customization

Are you worried about the available space? Set a space limit for downloaded wallpapers

Great customization

You don't want black borders? Choose how the backgrounds adapt to your screen

Great customization

Choose if you want only wallpapers that have the same proportion as your screen or if you accept others

New Version: 3.2.0

Windows 7 or higher


First of all, if you have installed a version previous to 2.6, close it and uninstall it. You can do this from the Control Panel or from Add or Remove Applications in the Start Menu.
If you updated the app from a previous version and now it doesn't open, uninstall it and reinstall it.
1- Download the version for your Operative System
2- If your browser indicates the file is dangerous, choose "Keep file" or "Download anyway" so the installer is downloaded
3- Run the downloaded file.
4- If you receive a warning from Windows Smart Screen click in "More Information"
5- Then click on "Run anyway"
6- Follow the steps of the installation. The application will open when finished.
Portable Version
2- Extract the downloaded file
3- Run "AC Wallmanager_Core.exe"

To address an issue with the installation or with the software in general mail me to